Saturday, February 7, 2009

There's no place like home!

WHo'd of thunk I'd ever leave New York City?  Due to the recession amoung other reasons, I have relocated (after nearly 30 years) back to home town Pittsburgh.  Work was at a snails crawl and eviction was immenant so with a little convincing from one of my sisters I decided to forgo the daunting task of finding yet another unaffordable NYC apartment and head back to Pennsyltucky.
Three of my sisters came on a mission of rescue with a truck and a van  hoisted me away.
I haven't been out of the city in years and it was spiritually refreshing to admire the winter landscapes as we hurtled across the PA turnpike.  We stopped once and parked side by side to have a roadside picnic passing food between the van and the truck.  My sisters are easy marks for making laugh and it was my goal to have them peeing their pants almost the whole way.
Upon arrival we drove through a dismal and deserted downtown Pgh. which made me moan, "What have I done????"  However, seeing my new apartment in the arty neighborhood of Lawrenceville made me feel better.  The very next day I went to one of my sisters to watch the SuperBowl.  On the drive back towards town we were treated to the sights and sounds of a town gone mad.  All along the way the streets were lined with cheering, towel waving Steeler fans hooting and dancing and shooting off firecrackers.  I pretended it was all for me and my triumphant return.  Thank you Pittsburgh, thank you all!


AmandaPants said...

awwww.... im glad you're happy, can't wait to visit... jealous you got to be in the middle of steeler madness... you can always visit me whenever, btw did you ever drop off that mattress, what happened?

cass said...

Well, forget my last post, I guess your really staying there. The Yanks are coming back right this second!