Wednesday, October 15, 2008

White guy in Bed/Sty

Well here I am living in Bed/Sty again.  I'm loving my crib, nicest one in a long time as far as creature comfort.  Having lived in pre-gentrified Williamsburg back in the early 80's and more recently the wrong side of 21st St in upper LIC, I know the stare of wonder from neighbors as to the sanity of my choice of address.  I'm kinda proud of the fact that I'm helping to evolve the social morals of the city but I can assure you, I'm not doing it intentionally. I simply can only live where I can afford to.  Never have been a racist and I don't have the white fear .  So far, life is good here although I do get the occasional stink eye. There's hardly any food delivery to my address but I did find an exceptional soul food place called "The Rib Cage".  The food was so good I had to call back after feasting on their offerings and tell them how much I enjoyed it.  The second time I ordered though, the guy pulled up across the street.  I swear I heard him say my name and I said yes. that's me.  I waited behind my gate for him to bring my order to me, didn't want to open the gate because my Doberman was sniffing around behind me.  She loves to meet folks but she understably scares people just by the sight of her.  He finally pulled away without giving me the food.  About 10 minutes later, another guy showed up on bike with my order laughing and said the previous guy would rather to had thrown the food away than given it to me.  I'm not sure if it was because I was white or he was afraid of my sweet but intimidatingly large canine.  I hope it was the dog cause I plan on calling them them a lot.  The second delivery guy told me to always ask for him when I call.  Other than that incident, I've found the neighbors friendly and usually always respond to my salutation.
Having a hard time getting a roommate from Craig's list tho.  Only about 5% of the appointments I arrange get to the point of ringing my buzzer.  I guess it's for the best because if the hood scares them that much, the folks living round here are gonna sense it and that's gotta be insulting.

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